3G module and GPS

Has anyone actually added a 3G module to their Pwni? I just want to know if it’s worked.

I read you can share GPS via Bluetooth from your phone. Is that true? Anyone donor on IPhone, which app?

I think your talking about

PAW gps on the plugins page


I found this on there github :slight_smile:

You need an bluetooth connection to your android phone which is running PAW server with the GPS “hack” from Systemik and edited by shaynemk
GUIDE HERE: https://community.pwnagotchi.ai/t/setting-up-paw-gps-on-android

As for 3g :slight_smile: what kind of module do you have ? Also since your using bt anyway have you tired bluetooth tether ?

Yeah I have 2 Pwnis both tethered ang sharing data to my iphone. That is what I was trying to do is get them to use the phone GPS. Like right now you can see they don’t get a reading and since I’m on iPhone not android I’m not sure if it will work.

Also it’s weird they were seeing each other yesterday and today they are not.


Nice, it’s a shame as I don’t have 2 to test, but if I were you, there is pretty good logging in Pwnagochi so we can check this first, /var/log/pwnagotchi.log
But I would also check your Time-sync, this can affect communication and if you don’t have an RTC setup then it will drift, also from my PiSugar the RTC does not sync automatically, so it drifts anyway (i am sure there is an easy fix for that but not looked into it, just update in the Ui on :8421 ) If you have RTC or PiSugar try to update the time,

will check the time sync once your Pis is online

timedatectl show-timesync

Digging deeper you can try to understand the mesh network. I am still not really sure how they identify each other but it seems to have at least some reliance on time and Identity.