A kit? Is anybody offering one?

Is there a source to purchase a kit all from one place? I have been looking and it seems like I will have to purchase the parts from several sources.

not that i’m aware of … the display and board are from different vendors, plus the sd card quality can change a lot in terms of speed for the software and price for a kit …

Well you’d only need a pi zero and an eink screen, so I dunno if making a kit is really worth it. It’s just easier to order both from the same website if you want.

I have been looking online about pwnagotchi quite a bit and i havent found anything related to kits, buying the parts seperately is not really a big deal, since you can run the rpi0w without a screen until you get it. Like i am currently running a rpi0w with no screen and a case made out of lego, because my case and screen arrive next week.

it might be worth having a topic with all the places people can buy the hardware parts from

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Like resellers? From which you can directly buy all the parts without going through the pain of ordering from china and waiting 3-6 weeks?

anything, from amazon for all the online shops that (we) users used to buy parts and successfully got what we expected … it might be useful also to track shops that sell newer version of the displays (like the waveshare v2)

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Currently i have been using amazon and ebay for parts, ninjaprototype for my case printing
All parts from confirmed resellers or directly from the companies

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Most of the time people wont want to pay for a “kit” per say because its going to have to be more expensive that buying the parts yourself. Also people are impatient and want amazon style delivery.


It depends on what your target is. If you are considering educational a kit wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, maybe a vendor would be willing to offer it.

I’ll make you one if u want?

I bought the raspberry pi from thepihut very good price and fast delivery, the waveshare screen directly from the producer, 2weeks waiting and tracking not really working lol

it will take a few days for the tracking to update

If you order from Adafruit or Seeed - you can get the rPi Zero W for $10 - limit one per customer. You also need the display and 2x20 male header, and perhaps a simple case. You can get everything you need from them. If you wait for the Adafruit Ask An Engineer event, you can get 10% off as well (watch their twitter feed for info). With Adafruit, I usually ask for first-class mail shipping (the cheapest) and it usually comes very quickly for me in the Northeast. They ship from NYC and the 10% discount usually pays for the shipping.

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do they also have waveshare v2 displays?

I used waveshare as a search term and didn’t find anything.
I do see several PaPiRus and Pimoroni displays.

I had multiple people asking the same thing:

This is the “kit” with everything you need to start:

  • 250x122, 2.13inch E-Ink display HAT for Raspberry Pi - Sold by: Waveshare.com - SKU 12915
  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH - Sold by: Waveshare.com - SKU 14298
  • 8Gb micro SD Class 10 - Sold by: Amazon.com (I prefer Sandisk)
  • Anker Powerline+ Micro USB (3ft) - Sold by: Amazon.com
  • Power Bank 20000mah - Sold by: Amazon.com
  • Plastic casing - Sold by: Various

Total costs (excl shipping): around 60 USD (100 USD if you include the powerbank and shipping costs)

EDIT: Note, I put the “powerline+” and not the standard powerline cable, since crappy china cables don’t work that well…
EDIT 2: You can also work with https://www.waveshare.com/Raspberry-Pi-Zero-WH-Package-B.htm but that did increase the price too much for me.

Here’s one, looks like it comes pretty complete for $100