Adding Faces to Pwnagotchi

Hi, I’m new to Pwnagotchi and was wondering if there is any way to add or change the pwnagotchi’s faces. If so how and what file directory. I am currently running on v1.1.0 as newer versions failed to work and am using a RPi0w.

I’m not sure of the differences of 1.1.0, but the current repo has them under ui.faces in the config. I would say check your defaults.yml and see if it is there, then you can modify those faces to what you want.

I am also curious as to why the newer images failed?

i cannot find ui.faces in the config.yml file but can find it in default.yml i had to physically put ui:

“physically”? :smiley:

The config.yml is always created by yourself. If you didnt put it in there, it isn’t there…

okay so, wdym by " then you can modify to what you want."? i thought you can’t change default.yml because it recreates itself on every restart and it would be futile to try and cange that.

I think he means -> (partly) copy the default.yml to config.yml and modify the entries.

to copy the ui.faces section into config.yml and then edit them?

yeah^^ Because as you correctly said, you cant edit the default.yml

okay so I already tried this, and I might’ve done it wrong. but it gave me a few errors in the python3.7 path where a ui file was so I deleted the code I copied, It was pretty loosely tied togethor though.
I can try it again in a few hours though :smile:

Sorry, yes, use defaults.yml as a template for your config.yml.

Problem: I try to paste the face" ‘( ⚆_⚆)’ " but on default .yml it looks like this: ‘( ?_?)’ and on config its ‘( _)’

That is because you need to convert it to UTF-8… And microsoft (or your application) does not support that.

Can you elaborate on that?

I also got a waveshare2 screen and now know that my pi won’t boot up in auto mode unless I explicitly tell it to with "sudo touch /root/.pwnagotchi-auto etc… I think I know what the problem is, I just need a newer version of pwnagotchi :slight_smile:

On Windows try to use Notepad++, if I remeber correctly there is an option for that kind of conversion in Format menu

if you copy something, it’s usually in ANSI format. That explains the ?_? you see.

That doesn’t really help because I have the RPI0w open in ssh on windows, and I find unicode faces I like on a website like for example. I highlight the text then copy it and paste it in the terminal, are you saying to use some form of conversion on notepad++ to convert it to ANSI?

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He was saying windows usually uses ANSI, but the file needs to be in UTF8


Also, Is there any way to have pwnagotchi just scan for wifi’s and pick them up instead of cracking and deauthing?