Ai mode is not starting it stucked in auto mode

My second pwnagotchi dos not switch to AI mode after 5h of running and capturing 52

Same problem. Looks like version 1.5.5 got the problem, and when i flash back to 1.5.3 it went normal.

Yo man! This problem affects the v1.5.5 and the main cause is the version of numpy.
In order to fix that problem you have to share internet connection with your gotchi and then upgrade numpy by this command: sudo pip3 install --upgrade numpy
It will show you some incompatibility versions issues, just ignore that, the IA will work now and you can check the gotchi logs to see when AI starts.


Thankyou! I was just about to flash to 1.5.3

That 100% worked for me, but I tried to sshe into it via my phone thinking maybe it would work, and the little dude, rebooted into Auto and won’t go back to AI this is really odd and ideas?