Amazing battery life with no display

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I noticed a lot of people were posting with battery lives of about 5 hours or so.
I’ve been running mine for over 24 hours on my well used 20,000mah powerbank and it’s still at over 75% battery.

I’m thinking this might be because I don’t have a display? 90% of the time it’s running headless, and every now and then for the other ten I’ll turn on bluetooth to check on it’s progress.

I’m using a raspberry pi zero W, I’ve done no battery saving steps or anything outside of the instructions to set up pwnagotchi. I have nothing extra attached to my pi.

I can’t seem to find the battery I’m using online (like I said, I bought it years ago.). It looks identical to this one except mine says 20,000mah.

I get about 25 hours on bt tether headless 10k mah battery bank, still havent tested max with bt tether and a screen, but im guessing around 18-22 hours