Announcement: Some of the plugins have been moved to a separate repository

Hi all! This is a step I wanted to take from quite some time as the codebase, particularly the plugins folder was growing big, complex and was causing issues due to bugs introduced by some user contributed plugins.

For this reason, from the next release only the core and stable plugins have been left in the main repository and will be available on a default install. The other plugins have been moved to the pwnagotchi-plugins-contrib repository so that now they need to be explicitly downloaded and enabled.

After downloading that repository anywhere on your unit’s filesystem, if for instance you want to enable
the auto_backup plugin, you need to edit your config.yml and add this:

  custom_plugins: "/path/to/pwnagotchi-plugins-contrib"
        enabled: true
        interval: 1 # every day
        max_tries: 0 # 0=infinity
            - /root/brain.nn
            - /root/brain.json
            - /root/.api-report.json
            - /root/handshakes/
            - /root/peers/
            - /etc/pwnagotchi/
            - /var/log/pwnagotchi.log
            - 'tar czf /root/pwnagotchi-backup.tar.gz {files}'

Some of these plugins have not been fully tested and might cause problems (I’m looking at the AircrackOnly plugin specifically, that can delete useful pcap files), so use them at your own risk.


In case somebody is dubious about this decision, let’s put here the list of victims :smiley:

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