Anyone using an RPI 4?


I recently discovered about the pwnagotchi and it made me want to dive into using raspberry pi’s. Ive never had one, so I began researching about buying one. I have a site I’d like to be hosted, so I thought I’d buy a RPI 4 so I can fiddle around with pwnagotchi, and later use it for my own projects.

Does someone already use an RPI 4 for pwnagotchi, and if so, did you encounter any problems?
Also, would it be possible to simultaneously run other projects aswell?


The unit will sadly have tons of problems with the nexmon blindness bug from what i have seen on slack, if you build it yourself on rasbian you should be okay on running other projects aswell at the same time, but the preinstalled image probably wouldnt fit your needs
here is more info on nexmon blind bug

So would you think it is still possible? On the wiki it says that it should be possible, but I havent seen anyone reporting about it ( ).

(But should apply to Pi4 as well)

Its still should instead of will :slight_smile:

I had a rpi3b unit back in version 1.2.1 without issues. You might need to play around with settings thats why its should work
Just remember its not intended hardware so you will need to fix things yourself or download a fix someone else made if things go wrong

I just spun my pi3b+ back up on 1.2.1, I had to SSH to my Mac Mini, jump from there into the pi and comment out the entirety of /etc/network/interfaces.d/usb0-cfg. I’m guessing it was conflicting with eth0. Once I did that and rebooted, it would let me connect from any source, not just my Mac. Outside of that, I did this last night and it’s going to be a relatively stationary unit in the house but I haven’t seen any issues yet. As an aside, the base OS is raspbian lite, so as long as you don’t mind using the CLI it is simple enough to use it for other things simultaneously. I have a pi 4, but i’m not planning on using it for this project.

I have it running on a RPi 4 and the 3.5" waveshare LCD screen. Had to tweak a bit to get the LCD working and it needs the occasional reboot. You will want to make sure you have a good battery if you intend to walk it around. The 4 defiantly makes a lot more heat. But the latest release should start right up.

You tried install from packages over raspbian, not from pwnagotchi*.iso?