Bettercap Web UI can't connect to API

I see that there’s a similar thread dating to Nov 2019 that was never resolved (the OP didn’t return??). I’m starting a new thread because that one is nearly 2 years old.

Here’s where I’m at:
Raspberry Pi Zero W + Waveshare 2 (freshly rebooted)
Pwnagotchi version: 1.5.5
Mode: Manual
Connected via USB to Windows 10 with mini-network in the space.
Windows machine is, pwnagotchi is

  • Can SSH into pwnagotchi
  • Bettercap and Pwngrid both running, per top
  • Can successfully ping
  • Can view and switch views (face, peers, plugins, etc)
  • Can load Bettercap at, but when I try to log in (using default credentials - I’m waiting until I can actually log in before I go changing them), I receive a “Cannot connect to [host:port/api]” error.

I have tried using various combinations of,, localhost, port 8081 (which auto-fills), and port 8666 (per the documentation and the fact that it shows up in netstat).

Have I missed a step or have I found an actual non-PEBKAC problem?
Got additional stuff for me to try?