Bluetooth scan/paring action

i was thinking about how fun it should be if pwnagotchi automaticly scan bluetooth devices around ( like it does with AP/ handshakes … ) and try to make bluetooth friends ( try pin as 0000 1234 …) by trying to pair to all bluetooth devices around .
should be possible to add it in AI core routine

the good idea should be some button to trigger ai/auto/man mode , eventualy Bluetooth auto pair mode on/off

return on display and/or RGB led/ led …

should think about fun trick examples :

find a speacker , auto pair and play “hello from pwnagochi” audio file …
find a printer … print an hello
find a phone try to connect as speaker (name) to try to make peoples around click ok for pairing , if done : get all contacts …
etc …

should make this device more litlle Evil device :slight_smile:


the bluetooth is used already for communication and tethering

i know but with a display bluetooth communication is an option then with a trigger to set attack mode or tethermode , when i have some time i will to make some tests :slight_smile: (or making a PwnBTGotchi device lol)

this could be used

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