Bonjour from France

Hey guys/gals!
I’m just a random 16 y.o. french student. I enjoy basically everything which is relating to tech (well not the fancy new GTX 2200 for only 2200$, buy now!), especially low level stuff and free software (I use Arch BTW). I’m trying to do some reverse engineering but that’s rarely successful. I also love music and of course videogames.
I also like helping people if I can, but that’s rare as there’s usually people who know the subject better.

And thank you all for making this awesome project!


I have seen you help lots of people, you seem really chill and im happy that you are around.

Welcome :slight_smile:

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Yeah im kinda trying the same thing but i still need tons of practice, im good on the hardware side with building computers etc but software is still really bad for me.

Well it’s the same for me. It’ll come with time, hopefully.

Bienvenue! :smiley:

Never give up, keep doing it for the fun even if it feels like you’re not going anywhere … it’s literally like playing an RPG: you can kill a mob that will only give you +1 exp, but eventually that +1 will bring you to the next level :smiley: