Can find the /root/brain.nn or brain.json

Hi there!
Reading directly from the SD Card, cant find the /root/brain.nn or /root/brain.json files in it.

Im using Ubuntuto read the card

Thx in advance

Have you successfully booted the pwnagotchi before? I noticed that when I first started I didn’t have either of those files till he booted with no errors for the first time.

Maybe try pwnagotchi --debug to see if you are getting any errors, or try systemctl status pwnagotchi

2 things:

  1. Did you ever boot the pwnagotchi?
  2. Your SD card has 2 partitions, are you sure you are on the right partition? Is there a /home directory in the SD card? If not, you might be looking at the FAT32 partition (the one used for booting).