Case for UPS-Lite and Waveshare2 on rpi0w

Has anyone found a case that is suitable for that combination? The UPS-lite sticks out further than the rpi0w and Waveshare2 e-ink boards on the micro USB plug/SD card side.

i have planned to design one , but without case , temp goes to 57° somtimes , imagine with a case

Yeah, I wonder about putting long slits in the side to vent? Or maybe just a frame to protect the core structure?

first of all , before a case i have done this :

then case i’m thinking about

did you get anywhere with the design? Interested in a case for the rpi0w+Waveshare2 e-ink+UPS-Lite.

BeBoXoS, maybe if we have enough interested people we can do a Patreon offering for your work? I’d be happy to put $20 towards a solid case for this!

I’ve made my UPS_LITE extra low profile by shaving down the standoffs, and did the slim Pwnagotchi, and it fits nicely inside a dual-18650 holder. It requires a little foam around it to keep it from moving around, and a little work with a craft knife. As a bonus, some are waterproof. I just bought 4 for a buck or two on Ebay.

my modified case if someone interested