Custom Messages?

Hi i’d first like to say that I just built my little friend and I love him!.

That said can we get a build guide for those that want to modify the github and make custom builds for themselves? Or possible have the messages call a txt file or json for even more randomness and ease the process of adding more. Just thoughts!

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Welcome! :smiley:

Mmm so you want custom messages for existing conditions or whole new messages for whole new conditions that the user should be able to define? If so, how other than just coding?

Welcome! It’s possible to add custom messages by creating your own “language”. See the language-section in the docs :slight_smile:

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I might be thinking about “modding” the face and language it’s speaking, instead of translating. Eg: A pirate face that can say more things than “yarrr…”


Yes exactly, but instead of pushing all the changes to the GitHub we should see about letting pwnagotchi look to a local file on the sd card with custom sayings for set actions as you listed above. I know we can just add to our own and rebuild but having it in a local file would allow easier modifications. Just a thought. One reason is maybe I don’t want such a nice speaking pwnagotchi… I can’t push those sayings to GitHub haha. Also has anyone thought about adding sounds? I’m thinking about Johnny 5 and some custom sounds on actions… I love this little dude

We could work on moving this out into a separate faces plugin.

I have an idea for a seasonal plugin.

Seasonal/ themed/ etc

@SunWuKung i’d rather keep this separate from the logic of plugins … each face can be customized via config.yml already ( )

& Agreed with the approach.
Replied to your other message as well.