EvilCoin aka custom cryptocurrency

hmm… what about custom pwnagotchi’s cryptocurrency?
or something like… Evil Coin xD
our own community crypto<3
cracking handshakes to earn crypto coins~

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ahaha yes this is something that’s been more or less seriously discussed and keeps being discussed from time to time :smiley: instead of proof-of-work we’d have a proof-of-pwn :smiley:


pls implement it ! XD it would be fun to use :smiley: and every pwnagotchi is wallet… :smiley:


I really like this idea !
Like, you can earn coin for each unique pwn on the pwnGRID (you have to be the first to pwn, which is then recorded in the pwnCHAIN :p)
Can also act like a scoring system or some kind of competition for the pwn master title or something :rofl:


Evidence of potentially illegal activity stored for eternity in a blockchain.

What could possibly go wrong?


what would be illegal in that idea?

The legality of wireless “auditing” and mapping is still questionable, and definitely flexible. I seem to recall at least two OPSEC discussions on Slack pertaining to encrypting what the Pwnagotchi stores locally for this reason.