Finally pushed a web interface for pwnmail!

It still requires some polishing and fixing, but it works and it’s awesome :smiley:

Schermata 2019-11-12 alle 20.15.59

Schermata 2019-11-12 alle 20.16.20

Schermata 2019-11-12 alle 20.16.34

Schermata 2019-11-12 alle 20.16.48


I would test it on mobile but i dont have any pwnmail yet, someone feel free to send me anything 46c71a1df57953816d33a6afe88606e561d585e933756867f628390c8faf1fdc

Also dumb question, it just complains my mailbox is empty so it wont let me see my profile or send messages either, is this intended or is this an error on your part. Either way i will try it out tomorrow.
Yep, once you get atleast one mail everything is good, before that its just completely locked.

But protip to anyone else with no friends, you can pwnmail yourself with the console commands and gain access to the webui that way