Guide to helped me install bettercap on ubuntu 64/86

This page has a fairly good guide to installing bettercap, covers some of the dependency issues… helped me.

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what’s wrong with the official documentation?

I got stuck with the libcap files being on wrong path, the tutorial showed how to do a symlink that got bettercap working, I’m fairly novice at Linux and failed with yours install guide, which is nice and concise. While his uses the gui, it did go step by step for Ubuntu. Between the 2 got it working. On the pwnagotchi page where it does install for any Linux I think should just forward a link to the bettercap install you listed here. Easier to keep up to date :slight_smile:

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i was asking as a mean to understanding how to improve the documentation :smiley: I admit that for less expert users more screenshots and fixes for that stuff are way better and more approachable documentation :+1:

Your documentation was good, any screenshot etc make it so you have to change every time Linux changes etc or will get outdated, the issues I had were with dependencies, that’s why I just linked the page rather than messaged you :slight_smile: im assuming if kali or others used won’t run into the same issues, so shouldn’t change your guide

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Ive got bettercap running on Kali 64bit, just asking for curiosity but is there a caplet to upload keys like the pwnagotchi does? to ohc etc,