HD Display 3.5in

Working on a new display configuration for a TFT 3.5in display with a res of 800x480. Been going through the inky.py and adjusting here and there to try and get a better result. Wondering if there are any other files that correlate with this inky.py to produce the desired result for the display. End goal is to make a new config for a 3.5in HD display to add to the list. Also not great with this stuff, but definitely trying to make this happen as its FRIGGEN SWEET. I dont fully understand the following either

fonts.setup(10, 8, 10, 28)
self._layout[‘line1’] = [0, 12, 212, 12]
self._layout[‘line2’] = [0, 92, 212, 92]
self._layout[‘status’] = {
‘pos’: (102, 18),
‘font’: fonts.Small,
‘max’: 20

I understand the statement as in line 1 is the first line across the screen you see, but the number values in 4’s vs just a HxW. Second is the Status, I changed the Fonts to Medium instead of Small, but the lines kept running off the screen and not word wrapping and ‘max’ im not really sure what that is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, once this one is done im going to try and make one for a standard res 3.5 tft as i see a couple people are using them also.

I think im down to just being able to move the counters for channel, AP, Uptime, and Pwnd. Word wrap on display message would be nice also


Do you have an update on this? I just started up a pwnagotchi with a RPI3b+ and a 3.5 TFT display… I followed the instructions at pwnagotchi.ai and got mostly everything running properly (including the instructions for a 3.5 inch display here: https://pwnagotchi.ai/community/#waveshare-3-5-spi-tft-screen

I’m still unable to get a pwnagotchi display on the screen. I can however access it via browser (pwnagotchi.local:8080)


It was suggested that I try chainging the display from inky to spotpear24inch as it is a frame buffer based display. I got a little closer with a distorted pwnagotchi screen. Is there any further documentation or troubleshooting I can do to get this to work?

Hi, I am facing exactly the same as reported by @ad5ter .

I am using a TFT 3.5 inches display bought from China with a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Did anyone succeed in using this display that could share the solution?