Hello, im a 18 year old finnish dude that tries to help but usually doesnt

Im a Finnish dude that owns 2 pwnagotchis, i like videogames and i have 1 dog and 2 cats.
I have been quite interested in tech all my life and i have built like 8 computers and spent a summer working at a cellphone repair store. My plan is to do something tech related for work but we will see, this is my second time messing with raspberry pi products and like the 4th time playing around with linux. Im pretty boring but i try to help people who need something fixed, or provide troubleshooting stuff.


Welcome! :smiley: Hey why boring? You’re already been helping so much, you’re a precious member of this and i’m sure of other communities man :+1:


Hi mate! I agree with @evilsocket. You are definetly valueable for the community cuz you help alot :smiley:


I agree! I always see you helping everyone out when you can! That is so awesome! <3

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You’ve helped me, and Im sure you’ll help countless more. Your patience and eagerness to help may be even more valuable for your future than what you know about tech itself.

-stay friendly

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Trust your techolust :nerd_face:


I’ve got those Hak5 stickers on nearly every electronic device I own

Hak5 stole it from the movie Hackers!