Hey yo all, greetings from Italy o/

It feels a bit dumb writing an introduction when I bootstrapped the project and community, but just in case there’re other users around me and I don’t know :smiley:

I’m 34, live in Rome, Italy, I work remotely and help manage the R&D of an infosec company based in the US. Been writing code my whole life, reading (good) books, i’m kind of a movies nerd, science nerd, basically a good 360 sample of nerd.

And i have two big dogs that I raised and love as if they were my children :slight_smile:


Cute doggos also you are very good at what you do and you spend so much time taking care of your open source projects and the people who use them and its cool and stuff.

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Glad you started this project! Having a lot of fun and also learning a lot about project structure, wifi, ai, python in general and how cool a community can be!


Those are some cute doggos!

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