Hi I'm Rabid Root

Hello I’m Rabid Root , I’m your everyday dad that breaks things and fixes them. I’m not a programmer , I don’t have certs, but I seem to know a lot about a little. Currently getting ready to work on my PWK , and up to OSCP. I’m here to help in any way I can, and Im usually good at pointing someone in the right direction.


Welcome! Any ETA for your tests? :smiley:

@RabidRoot what are you running your kali on ?

Hey @RabidRoot :slight_smile: Welcome!

@evilsocket What am I testing for you ATM ? That short term memory loss… you know.

@Maxamis where have you seen a pic of my Kali machine. So I can give you a more precise answer , I use it on a few different devices.

Didn’t see it anywhere, just looked up PWK and figured you were running it somewhere. I have an RPI3b running it as well as a hp chromebook.

Ah I see, well I run Kali on my mac (dual boot) , some pi’s , and my Samsung chromebook pro. Hell its like Franks hot sauce “I put that shit on everything”

Funny I just got into Frank’s hot sauce this last month !!! So I totally get it!!!

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