How do you keep track of your captured and cracked/uncracked networks?

I can see this thing capturing so many networks and pcaps, but obviously you can’t always crack them all.

How does the Pwnagotchi keep track of networks its already captured, or does it just keep pinging the same ones over and over again and replace the files?

I’ve only captured 10 networks and already finding it difficult to remember what I’ve tried cracking, what I managed too, and what I couldn’t.

Should I delete the files I’ve already tried off the Pwnagotchi. An instant “add SSID to whitelist” feature would be nice. So to let the Pwnagotchi know not to bother with that network again.

Interested in hearing your solutions.

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i was waiting to see any response, but to no avail. I agree, it would be nice that the Pwnagotchi doesn’t pwn over and over each time the same networks. So far, what i do is to simply turn it off in the already scanned areas.

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The pwnagotchi doesn’t really do the cracking itself unless you are using something like quickdic or sending it over to wpasec or hashcrackonline. With wpasec it will download a pot file with all of your cracked networks and with onlinehashcrack it will email you a portal with all of your handshakes and which ones it cracked and didnt. I dont really have a way to keeping track of them other than combining all of those into a file my for myself with all of my cracked networks.