I2C RTC and Display

Anybody who got an I2C RTC working along with a Waveshare V2 or any other screen, please ping me here :smiley:

I think daPwnie from slack has one. Idk if he is here yet^^

pinged him, let’s wait :smiley:

the same @evilsocket has linked at slack:

install description with set time from rtc in /etc/rc.local:



@daPwnie that’s exactly what i needed! thanks a lot man :smiley:

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What a unit :smiley: Looks like a little rack!!

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it’s a fatgotchi! :smiley:

it’s my speaking dev device with soundcard :slight_smile:

my new “on the way” is drying at the moment. (the black plastic)


i can see both from these pictures and your numbers on pwngrid you really are enjoying your units :+1:

Did you ever order those cheap RTC’s you linked a while back from amazon? I did and can wire one up and snap some pics if you need them.

yes i did! need to find some time to solder one

I’ll get off my behind and finish my ‘shield’ I was working on. I wanted space for the RTC and GPS so I couldn’t knock them off.

the “daPwnie” device i have placed in the technican service car and forget to remove yesterday.
i think its over 1100 at monday :slight_smile:


@daPwnie That is such a fantastic idea! I’ll have to make sure I drop one or two myself!

LOL what have i done

Its skynet, no other way to explain it.


Thx for your service i guess xD


ok so apparently the first chip i tried was broken … up and running with a ds3231 based chip now, will soon write some docs, thanks all!

While RTC would be nice personally I’m more interested in GPS as in theory it can provide both positioning and time. That said I suspect the GPS plugin would need some work to support that level of time integration.

Thanks for all of your work @evilsocket, this project ROCKS.


right, but GPS requires either BT or the USB, which could be used for other stuff … an RTC is the minimum viable solution to have the right time :slight_smile:

i’m super looking forward for better gps and time integration too