Idea about the hostname.local:8080/plugins stuff

Is there any possibility of having a general page where you can click on what plugin you want to access so you dont have to remember every single url to them?
If not its fine, but it would be really good for user experience not having to remember the addresses to every single plugin accessible from the webui.


I like this idea.

/plugins to get the list
The list could include:

  • The list of all plugins found
  • Which ones are enabled
  • A basic link to access it /plugins/plugin-name
  • Any errors loading the plugin (program error, config error)

As the number of plugins grows I could see this being more of a problem. Sadly I don’t think enough is exposed for us to have a ‘plugin manager’ plugin :slight_smile:


@dadav looks like he’s working on something similar here : Add webcfg plugin

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Yeah i know about webcfg, im actually using it rn
I just want something that can show me links to all webui accessible plugins

It was the bit about “reload/start/stop plugins on-the-go” which might achieve what you need, with a little bit extra

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