IDEA: adding wifite/reaver support for wps attack

As the title says, as we’re already pwning and running a linux based system adding a wps attack support would be nice, I know brute forcing a wps pin was could take hours (In my case it took 13hrs the last time I did it) however some routers or extensions are still vulnerable to exploits (e.g. one of my neighbour has a cheap router extension and with a bully attack I got the password in 10 seconds). So it’d be a nice add-on to Pwnagotchi :slight_smile: thanks for being awesome :slight_smile:

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mmm i don’t know, an attack that would keep the wifi busy on the same channel for hours? not convinced :confused:

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just the bully or pixi dust attack? the ones that take a few seconds and maybe give lucky crack? :slight_smile:


That’s kinda what I meant. I wouldn’t bother brute forcing as it takes hours, for that I’d rather use Kali on a laptop, but bully and pixie that takes seconds could be useful.


Perhaps use Reaver to check if it can get 5 or so pins. Then just stop the attack and mark the corresponding handshake as ‘8 DIGIT’ or something. No need to run the entire attack if the keyspace can be brute forced later in minutes remotely.