Idea: Bitcoin wallet

I was thinking, not sure if is possible but, what about make the pwnagotchi also a bitcoin wallet, it could be very handy!


oh … it’s not just possible, it should be relatively easy … that’s an amazing idea!!!


I love it!

I thought several time about this Feature.

A wallet is nice, but btc transactions are expensive. If you only want hodl some Bitcoin on the pwnagotchi we can talk about the libwally or open source trezor Firmware. But I think a pwnagotchi is Not the Best device to store your money.

Another idea is to think about Micro transactions between pwnagotchis. If the pwnagotchi has a personality and a brain, why should’t it be able to decide if it spend money or Not. :smiley: Autonom Devices require an autonom Infrastructure.
To realize micropayments we should discuss a lightning Implementation with maybe electrum.

And when a autonomous pwnagotchi has the sovereignty to pay other pwnagotchis the Interaction could be lifted to the next Level

:thinking: yes but why?
A bitcoin wallet must have some properties that are incompatible with a pwnagotchi use, in my opinion.
The pwnagotchi is made to stay with you and to travel the world, it could be disposable in name of exploration and pwning. But a bitcoin wallet has to be treated more carefully… in general I want a dedicated app for the wallet, I don’t like too much the idea to have a tool that is doing a lot of stuff and also be a wallet.


hardware isolation

But your Private key is still stored on a sd card. I think this is not the best place to store value.

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is your iphone or android phone safer?

Yes, at least they require a password to unlock.

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we can keep the private key on a luks volume

Also, I am a bit sceptical about bitcoin wallets in general… Wallet size = few mb, bitcoin transaction book = 240 Gb. So, the question is, what will you store?

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just the encrypted key (in the LUKS volume) as cold storage

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i mean, i agree that due to the attack surface of the entire platform and software, we need to do this carefully … but yeah, tl;dr your phone is not safer than a luks volume (neither it is a smaller attack surface).

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Also, who would even guess that it has a bitcoin wallet in it (i mean other than if they are reading this right now)

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