Konnichiha from germany!

my name is Daniel and you maybe have seen me as dadav in slack or github. I’m a sysadmin at some government facility in germany. I love to learn new things. It’s almost a curse, because i jump from one thing into another, knowing the basics of alot of things, but not rly being an expert of anything xD

I also love to create things. Writing some code and see something happen was always, is still and will always be magic to me. It’s awesome that projects like this brings people together.

Respect is very important to me. This being said, when we have different opinions, I love it if someone is able to change mine. What i don’t like is when people getting emotional and can’t use logical arguments anymore.

I’m also interested in fitness (I’m sitting all day, so i have to do sth), reading books (favorites are books from Stephen King, Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)), watching movies and series (currently Stranger Things on netflix), animes, mangas and learning new languages.

I started learning japanese 2 years ago, which still is very fun but challanging :slight_smile: I have no problem having conversations with japanese, but i want to become better! My next language will be italian, because my gf speaks it and can easily teach it to me.
Learning a languange means learning a shitload about that culture. You will meet new people, which is always fun and you will be able to eavesdrop on ppl on the train xD

Thats all for now,
peace :wink:


duuuude i really feel your pain :smiley:

welcome! <3

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I have had fun chatting with you and its nice how much you help others and develop things further and yeah, ur cool.

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Learning new languages is pretty cool! Also thanks for your effort!

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