List collected /root/handshakes/ in iPhone GUI

~The Idea ~

Show list of /root/handshakes/ within iPhone GUI

~ Why? ~

To see what it’s captured, the workflow requires using another app to SSH in, navigate to the directory, wait for it to load (takes a while if it’s large). If the iPhone GUI updated the list by itself it would make things much smoother on-the-go. Being able to see a list of the /handshakes directory within the iPhone GUI would mean we aren’t just seeing what’s happening ‘now’ but we get to see how things are going over the entire capture session (and all previous sessions).

~ Optional extras ~

  • show which caps were from ‘current session’ and which are older.
  • Be able to sort /handshakes list output by Date/DateModified or FileSize
    +perhaps indicate whether it’s a PMKID or handshake

I find that I access /root/handshakes from mobile often enough that it could be useful to others too.