My gotchi Familia

Pictures Incoming


one day i’ll set my mind to it and try that antenna mod :smiley: how much does it improve the wifi capabilities? is it worth risking a rpi0w ? :smiley:

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for sure! 5-6db improvement and its definitely picking up things wile driving that my other ones wont see. it also helps keep them connected further for example i can leave it in my backpack while i walk around … lets say an office building and they stay connected to each other. kinda of like home base while the droids are out and about (within range)

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So many cute units, i wish to have as many some day.

aaaaaaa i so wanna do it but i don’t want to break a board XD

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i also bought a microscope weeks ago …



I am so glad I am not the only one who’s thoughts immediately went to thinking about how big of an external antenna I can put on this thing!

I only had 1 RP0W and an old RPI3b laying around, but I saw this project and they are both now part of the family. Can’t wait to get my bluetooth working, I came here looking for help, and found so much more. PWN ON!

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