My Pwnagotchi has gotten ... Phat!

Features -

    - LAN
    - RTC
    - SDR 
    - Bluetooth (antenna mod)
    - Wifi (antenna mod)
    - Primary Battery
    - BBU (Pisugur)
    - Epaper Display
    - LCD Display 
    - GPS
    - USB Proxy (for SDR processing)
    - Power management switches
    - Status lights for BBU state, Charging SD activity, Primary Battery Level and state, GPS lock, SDR status, LAN,
    - Epaper debug displays CPU, Memory, Temp, Uptime, Current time, USB status, Location, IP 

(LAN, Wifi, and if not connected list 5 strongest Wifi SSIDs)


When choosing your power supply please make sure you’re getting something with an automatic ON or a direct power switch, some power banks have a button to start and will stop automatically (these make automated power management impossible).

I will not pretend I did the antenna mod myself, I needed a mate’s help. That requires some great skill and good equipment.