NEO2 from friendlyarm

Here’s a cool little device with built in screen (albeit a lot smaller screen), 2 USB ports, 1GB ethernet port, 3 built in buttons, and a case. Just doesn’t have built in wifi or bluetooth but with 2 usb ports that could be easily over come.

If I ever get really bored I might try installing pwnagotchi on one of these since I have a few laying around.


I have one of those in my work bag. Nanopi firmware on it.

I’m using the wlanpi distro, you should check it out if you haven’t seen it before

That’s what I meant! Pulled the wrong name from the small net builder link.

Yeah cool, there’s so many i6seful little packages in there, I have been writing some things to do LLDP/CDP stuff for network switches with that device. You didn’t happen to stumble on the device via WLPC conference did you ?

Nope. Found it through El Kentaro on twitter.

Dude, that’s a cool little gadget. I could see that being a nice little mostly contained package, hook it up to a giant battery and blam. Please keep us updated!

anyone has a pwnagotchi running on this? whitch distro?