New case for Pwnagotchi on Thingiverse

Pwnagotchi Case (Waveshare Display) remix with Loop found on #Thingiverse

I remixed a nice case for the pwnagotchi.

Prints nice and has a loop for csribiner or keyring.


nice! we should pin all the cases

Nice looking case, thanks for creating it! Can I use the UPS hat with it?

It would have to be modified in cad. If i can get the time I’ll make the ups version.

I was just about to ask for a UPS version.

What about the possible modifications:

v1: Waveshare 2.13"
v2: Waveshare with UPS
v3: Waveshare with PiSugar
v4: Waveshare with UPS / PiSugar and WiFi antenna cutout.

I think just these 4 variations of a case like this would be beneficial to a lot of users. Possibly a cutout for plastic / glass would be interesting as well to cover the screen.

When I opened this up to slice it did not have the loop on it. Is the actual stl file hiding somewhere else and I’m just blind or what?

Original had no loop. My remix does. Not sure why it doesnt show in your slicer. Ive printed a dozen so far.

Ill check the stl on thingiverse in the morning to make sure it uploaded correct file.

hmmmm… i’m using Cura.

I’ve updated the file on Thingiverse. Verified Loop is on the case.

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I really like your carabiner loop but check out the way this cap works with the case. I have printed both types of caps and like this end cap better.

I really need to dust off modeling skills and get to remixing stl

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