Olá from Portugal

Hey guys,

I’m from Portugal. I enjoy everything tech related, specially development and infosec.

I work as a Technology Lead and Full Stack Developer, but I enjoy learning about everything.

In my free time I do CTFs, personal development projects and learn about hacking in general.

I also enjoy helping other people, whenever I can.

Nice to meet you all on this awesome project!



I’m very curious about

can you elaborate a bit or too private? :slight_smile:

Sure :slight_smile: usually I like to learn new languages once in a while, so I get some small projects working in order to learn syntax and feeling. Also I really enjoy game development, so I tend to do some small games. One and half year ago I got a little burned out with a ARPG that I was developing and stopped doing it, but sometimes I just get something working (at least to show my kids how its done). Usually use Unity and C#, I also do some blender 3d modelling.

This year I’ve been busy with my new job and lots of new functions, and since I want to join an infosec related job, I am learning more about it so I hadn’t got too much time for other developments besides work (.net core and microsoft stack).

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wow that’s amazing … i’ve always liked videogame programming too, but the fact you need to be good in 3d modeling and generally with graphics and music and stuff have always been reasons for me to not ever try :smiley: did you make anything I can play? how much, in proportion, is game developement about programming and how much about “the rest”?

Olá from Portugal as well :slight_smile:

IP engineer here, I’ll be at websummit tomorrow, anyone bringing their pwnagotchi?

Best regards,

Hey @pcaetano! My company is at web summit this week :smiley: but im on vacations so not gonna be there.
@evilsocket I have a few games, but all little demonstrations. My ARPG was my big project, did developed it a couple of months.

This one used some free assets from the Unity Store, I developed some shaders for it and the whole combat and control mechanics. I also adapted the UI and built a couple of levels and monsters AI. At that time I was using a simples AI based on Reactive Architecture but was trying to change it to a Reenforcement Learning model afterwards.

It was a really cool project, but I gave it up because it was taking me a LOT of time, and it is not a game for a one man job unfortunately.

I also did some modelling in University and then did some more in my spare time, but its not easy with kids and work and development and other stuff, so I dropped it.

Here is one of my best work:

Regarding the propotion, it depends if you are a one man army or having people working with you. For solo, I guess programming takes like 40% or something, since there is a LOT more that you need to do (planning, building your GDD, defining structures, research (hardware, single or multi platform, should it be 2d or 3d, if its 2d should I use pixel art or other style, 2d or isometric views, if its 3d should it have realistic graphics or otherwise, etc), gathering/creating assets and resources (music, images, models, shaders, sound effects) and more. And then you have the whole marketing stuff and promotional, QA and testing. It takes huge time and resources, and you need to be good at least in one side (programming, designing or artist stuff). For me how worst is to come with good ideas since it is all done already so :frowning:

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Some more modelling:

I have more stuff on a hard drive at home :smiley:


well we know who to ask for help when pwnagotchi will become 3d! :smiley:


I am trying to get a 3D printer for a while, at least I’ll have some skills ready :smiley:

Also regarding the knowledge of music, 3d and stuff for game dev, you need those resources for a game but you don’t need to be good at creating them. There are a lot of experienced indie game devs that use basic music, sound effects and art for their games, since their best skill is programming.

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