PiSugar experience

PiSugar is a battery pack for the raspberry pi and looks like this:

Recently the usb port of my PiSugar has broken off. First i tried to glue it back on (yeah i know), but obviously this didn’t work well. Next step was to try soldering it back on, but my solder-skillz are meh and this is a rather difficult task, because the pins are soooo little.

I can basically throw that thing away…

I charged it tops once a day. I’m rly carefull with my electronic stuff, so i didn’t use force to plug it in… In my opinion it was just bad quality.

Did you make a similar experience? Please share :slight_smile:

I have read many people who have purchased the PiSugar have similar experiences.

Some people reinforce the usb port with epoxy.

Sorry for your loss. Maybe there is a different spot for you to solder to?

Did some looking around and found this:

Hope this helps.

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omg thanks!! I sent them an email^^ Lets see what they answer…

thanks for this i also emailed them and asked for a board without chinesium solder :wink:


I repaired two of mine after taking them on a trip and breaking them. I didn’t get pictures because I didn’t think this was such a common problem. If you look at the board with the USB connector removed there are what looks like four pads that the connector body is anchored on to. The connector body makes very little contact with those pads however. What I did for mine was remove the lead free solder with some braid and then scrape the solder mask off of the ground plane under the connector body to expose the copper. The copper was then tinned and cleaned with braid again to remove any of the floating solder mask fragments. Using some flux paste and some pressure on the connector I soldered it down again with a much larger area bonded to the board.

If you look at the bottom of the connector there might be some solder there already in an area that is covered with solder mask, I suspect that they made a mistake on the part outline or substituted some parts for fabrication and solder paste was applied to some of the masked area that is leading to these failures. The solder joints are brittle and flexing from connecting and disconnecting seems to be causing failures. Epoxy and glue make a real mess of things so I would probably replace the board if you don’t have the tools to do the repairs yourself.

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Good news!! They will send me a replacement :slight_smile:


That is fantastic news! Thanks for updating!!

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they are doing the same here. thanks for posting this!

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Just got my new parcel tracking code per mail.

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same here just got a tracking code.

received my replacement bard today. looks the same but time will tell if it holds up.

Got mine today too^^

I built a second Pwnagotchi yesterday and fell victim to the escaping micro-USB adapter. I’ve sent off an email and hope for a timely replacement. The PiSugars are awesome; the first one I built has been a champ for a couple weeks of regular use.

I got a pisugar a little while back, but wasnt too happy with it. Do they all cut the power and reboot the pi when the charger is unplugged, or is it just mine? The design and build quality were decent i thought, but I dont want my pwnagotchi unsafely rebooting every time i disconnect power. I later got the psu-lite and that does not have the same issue.

The rebooting is normal behaviour^^

I’ve got a couple PiSugar v2 on the way. Excited about the RTC and programmable button for cleaner shutdowns. I’ll update after I get them and connect to my low profile Waveshare v2 rig. From docs I don’t see any collision for the SPI/I2C pins needed by the display and PiSugar v2.