Plugin pwnagotchi-beacons

I’m developing a simple status report via wifi so you can be monitoring several headless units at the same time. (You don’t need to be setting up BLE or anything). A fully functional prototype with limited features is available at github.
It’s a plugin on the pwnagotchi side and an Android app for the UI.

The app source will be released soon.


This is exactly what the current mesh protocol is doing already.

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Also: messing with the monitor interface in terms of what’s injecting will mess with the mesh protocol, the hopping , the deauthentication and the association frames that are sent from bettercap … this would make the whole thing less stable by using the mon0

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It’s quite similar, yes, but you can only access mesh beacons via monitor mode.

I noticed that things get a bit unstable.

I need figure out how to make this happen on pwngrid side, which makes much more sense since it is already doing almost all the work needed. This way, no plugin is necessary, hence less instability. We can actually send the info in the mesh packet itself, It only adds 34 bytes tops, less TX packets, more battery savings.

this should be extended to optionally add the relevant layers

but i can take care of it … just not today :smiley:

Would love some more info on this. I envision a few headless pwnagotchis all working together and would love to not have to BLE to each one to check the status.
Amazing work evilsocket, love my new little pet! :wink:

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You can test the plugin, latest version is slow but stable enough. I use it all the time.