Pwnagotchi 1.2.1 Release Notes

This release brings several improvements to the web ui and fixes for the bt-tether plugin, among the other things.

1.2.0 has the changes, 1.2.1 is just an hotfix for 4e592df

New Features

  • 11fb95d webui is now protected against CSRF attacks
  • 364af70 webui button to restart in auto or manu mode
  • b796384 webui status pages reload /ui after a given interval
  • 19fc25d reporting version on startup (closes #504)
  • 31a89cb added new angry state (closes #486)
  • 8118a10 auto-update is now enabled by default
  • 346773f new max_tries param for auto-backup plugin
  • 6945e26 updated polish language pack. New messages translated.
  • 0aef199 added Ukrainian language
  • 61af8b4 Add whitelist support to onlinehashcrack plugin
  • 5b66d68 Add multi bt-tether support
  • e949499 Add support for Waveshare 2.9inch display
  • 1827ee5 new --version argument


  • 4e592df fix: fixed a bug which prevented rebooting
  • e336fca fixed race condition (again) on override files
  • d6c0ec0 unblurred image rendering in browsers
  • 22e76f9 fixed memtemp for waveshare v2
  • ae330dc don’t reset network interfaces configuration if not needed (closes #483)
  • bd63f71 +x to /usr/bin/* while creating the .img
  • 31d401e increased delay before shutting down to allow slower displays to update (closes #446)
  • 1e426f7 add timestamp to net-pos plugin,
  • b4b14ba bug Fix on plugin
  • fd506b1 Fix bt-tether config
  • a2bb66a Fix case
  • 53ae8ea Add check if connected but no interface created
  • aeb6002 Make bt-tet less verbose
  • bfdaffa fixes a GC related bug in bt-tether: add reference to network object


  • 81032fe refactored webui into separate files instead of strings
  • ba22b7d basic refactoring of #502
  • 66dc03e Fix debug msg to fit new plugin class
  • 2f94830 refactored plugin system to use classes
  • 3efa96b enhancement: Improve the backup script