Pwnagotchi 1.3.0 Release Notes

Other than a bunch of fixes, this release brings three main news:

  1. The web ui now is waaaay cooler and includes a PwnMAIL web client.
  2. Some plugins have been moved to a user contributed plugings repository
  3. The web ui now has authentication (default username and password are changeme:changme) Everything that in the configuration was referred as is now more correctly referred to as ui.web

New Features

  • ab63ecc new: macos connection share script now autodetects the usb interface and uses en0 as default upstream (closes #597)
  • 440f2a4 new: added basic authentication to the web ui
  • df01a03 new: pwnmail web client in the web ui
  • a2ac679 new: pwnfile link in the web ui (closes #557)
  • 9bc7fcc new: the grid plugin now triggers an on_unread_inbox event that other plugins can intercept (see led plugin)
  • bd61196 new: the auto-update plugin now triggers an on_updating event that other plugins can intercept (see led plugin)
  • 89450ec new: implemented led plugin (closes #522)
  • 97a019f new: implemented log rotation (closes #527)
  • fcb5c87 fix: enabling fstrim.timer from for updating users
  • 5111490 Added rssi info to logging messages
  • 1d255b5 add gateway option to bt-tether
  • 40caf3f Adding support for Spanish language
  • 9dc7c92 Additional Logging for net-pos plugin to simplify search for broken files
  • 2ea8e7f misc: moved non-core and problematic plugins to separate repository (closes #542)
  • 0d66f93 Enable fstrim.timer to increase SDCard lifetime
  • 9485e53 Add norwegian translation files.
  • 1130c72 Add support to whitelist by MAC and MAC vendor


  • 8c51936 fix: don’t use $USERNAME as default username for backup/restore scripts, as this is usually defined on linux hosts as the current logged in user
  • 87e4661 fix: --clear does not start the agent anymore
  • a8c07ba fix: supporting channels greater than 140 for 5g (closes #583)
  • 8fcfd4c fix: plugin events dispatch is now asynchronous (fixes #592)
  • dfd534a fix: fixed ups_lite plugin layout (closes #521)
  • 8c83f81 fix: added memtemp defaults (fixes for PR #564)
  • 09f80cc fix: fixed typo in the example plugin
  • 8d58342 fix: fixed exit after --version
  • 43c5ab7 - Fix the temperature symbol when using something other than celsius - Add defaults so we don’t throw an exception if an invalid scale is selected. Bad things happen if you spell fahrenheit wrong.
  • 59ae353 fixed check for nonzero lat/long
  • 6e1490d Fix on_handshake, whole plugin should work now
  • 96ca5dd decrease spacing in gps ui
  • 5dae0ce Fixed Paw-Gps, added a - mark to the config.
  • 0f3d9db Fixed a small typo in bt-tether
  • f4b886c fix baudrate option name
  • a02c1d6 small typo fix
  • 52b40f0 Small UPS Lite typo fix
  • 313fd66 fix completely broken gps plugin :smiley:
  • 229e267 fixed memtemp location for inky display
  • 61d8e28 Bug Fix on AircrackOnly Plugin preventing it to load


  • 6959710 use f-strings and double quotes in gps plugin
  • 8965ad9 change default ip of paw-gps, it needs port too.
  • 92266a7 make label to value space configurable to better fit small fonts
  • 9e656d4 show gps coords of last handshake in ui
  • b1d8aa3 misc: several improvements on the web ui
  • 1830a19 Remove ‘-w’ as macOS doesn’t have it. Fix var expansion in dash.
  • b266671 Providing APs/APs per channel and current channel as R/O from Agent
  • 81a89d4 misc: refactored as ui.web
  • 0b2c156 Make backup / restore use POSIX shell for portability.
  • 14064c3 Add support for SpotPear 2,4inch LCD display via framebuffer
  • e934181 webgpsmap default disabled
  • b9a909d add handling for empty position data
  • b180f16 Update .editorconfig
  • 2d517e3 Update .editorconfig
  • a1746da comment default gpio button command examples
  • 1a1a70d added webgpsmap plugin
  • 7ca1168 Ignore backup archives. Use ‘find | xargs’ to handle missing files. Correct file type in comments.
  • d41e5c1 Create .editorconfig
  • 25eee18 verhindern von doppelten ausführungen
  • 1da59b5 Add Fahrenheit and Kelvin temperature scales to
  • c3ed350 + SK
  • b50acd3 Add webcfg
  • b738001 Changed webhook arguments and add exception handling
  • 9cc1540 normalize the waveshare29inch config string

Awesome! I was hoping it would release soon.

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(Default username for webui is changeme:changme and not pwnagotchi:pwnagotchi like the documentation says)
Also another thing that might break stuff, remove “log: /var/log/pwnagotchi.log” from your config.yml, or change it to fit this new format

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good catch!

I’ve generated a PR on the documentation for the password - the pwnagotchi/pwnagotchi is mentioned in the docs for Bettercap UI but didn’t see defaults for Web UI

Hi, I am quite new to this… Do I need to create a backup, download it, write it freshly to the card and restore the backup as described on the web page? It seems like the update was done automatically?

[2019-11-18 14:30:07,137] [INFO] [update] downloading to /tmp/updates/pwnagotchi/ …

[2019-11-18 14:30:19,433] [INFO] [update] extracting /tmp/updates/pwnagotchi/ to /tmp/updates/pwnagotchi …

[2019-11-18 14:30:22,473] [INFO] [update] installing pwnagotchi …

[2019-11-18 14:31:56,247] [INFO] [update] done

Yes, you had an autoupdate, the pwnagotchi updates itself every 24 hours if it detects a new update
No need to do anything manual

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Well except if there’s a breaking change in the config

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