Pwnagotchi 1.4.0 Release Notes

Lots of fixes and two major changes for this release that involve the web ui. We added a new session-stats plugin to visualize session statistics, and the possibility to enable or disable each plugin through the web ui.

New Features

  • 1a84722 Added signal handler to reload the configuration
  • b4daf19 layout redesign
  • e72fd08 added on_unfiltered_wifi_list
  • d045ed5 Added romanian language
  • 04720ec memtemp plugin for
  • a12e2aa gps plugin for
  • 1721f67 support for
  • 7cb52ba Add wpa-sec password download
  • 93e06d7 add filter for: SSID, MAC, isCracked, Password
  • cc5c469 Add plugins page
  • 988d093 Add session-stats plugin


  • 6e57e13 fix: Prevent duplicate entries for uploaded pcaps
  • 83f741b fix: gpio needs to be a number
  • 7138f64 fix: apparently for the led, 0 is ON and 1 is OFF
  • 4fb7205 Add lock
  • b5e6206 this is apparently needed
  • 0ee0aaf Update to using .paw-gps.json files
  • cfc0ad1 fix (find with type f for no zero byte files into archive)
  • 3351c25 fix gps timestamp parsing
  • d9d3994 Improve German translations slightly
  • c4a007e cleanup, fixes and add handling of .paw-gps.json
  • 548b42e Lock ui on change
  • d2c4479 Prevent duplicate entries for reported networks
  • f973997 Call on_ui_setup when plugin reloads


  • 7693e42 Change the name of the CSS class ‘element’ to ‘plugins-box’ and centering the text
  • 2ae48a2 Changing the display style of the plugins page
  • 663bca4 Update
  • ede01e5 Add lock
  • 6a97476 Update
  • 95557ab Axes information will be lost otherwise
  • 99614c8 Call on_ready
  • e19ea99 Correction of some French translations
  • 2207a1e Updating the French translation
  • 9509dd0 Add lock; make less verbose
  • 608904d Call unload with ui arg
  • f5a94fd Add url to plugin
  • 855bda9 feature/plugin/web/reboot
  • 07f8e7b Update voice.po
  • 48dc751 Update voice.po
  • 3c154ff Update voice.po
  • 167f559 Update voice.po
  • a034439 Parse to str
  • a7ea499 Should fail before write