Pwnagotchi 1.4.2 Release Notes

Mostly a fix release.


  • 81061ce fix: fixed locked callback call on plugins
  • 09a00ad fix: added a plugin::callback level mutex to avoid calling a callback while a previous call is still running
  • 44138ba webgpsmap: fix parsing new timezone format ā€œZā€ in gps data
  • 4b71fea Set correct position for memtemp plugin so that it does not overlap with regular messages for waveshare27inch.
  • e851324 add ensure_write
  • 9d56c97 Unknown variable; Logic error


  • 9d63eba add unload method
  • 6babad0 remove process limits
  • 00101cc no comment
  • fa87510 Update
  • 7fa30c2 Added text overflow checking for over 999 associations
  • 774d9c6 Update defaults.yml
  • 88928ee remove buttonshim
  • 3cf0416 Update
  • 2e22a17 Add Lock
  • f8ffab4 Update
  • f563d71 Update
  • 7b219fd Update
  • 42ed698 Update
  • 6df7bcd add ws1
  • 1c29983 add ws1
  • 30b1874 New defaults for buttonshim
  • b903f63 Blinking works now freely
  • 92c1b6b blinking with static colors
  • eddfdb3 Plugin for the Pimoroni Button Shim