Pwnagotchi 1.5.5 no webui and no display on epaper

Hi there,

I’ve tried multiple times but cant seem to get it working.

my build:
Pi zero W
Waveshare v2.1 (sticker with V3)
UPS Lite V1.2

Im not sure where went wrong.
like i said i’ve done this multiple times (8 over the past weekend, its getting to me!!!)

Flashed the damn sdcard with v 1.5.5 ( as recommended)

once flashed, decided not to go with creating config.yml because it’s migrated to tom.

SO i booted it up… USB is fine, internet is fine, bettercap is fine (8081) but the damn pwnagotchi webui is not working. (8080)

config.toml as follws: = “bulletbill”
main.lang = “en”
main.whitelist = [

main.plugins.grid.enabled = true = true
main.plugins.grid.exclude = [
ui.web.enable = true
ui.web.address = “localhost”
ui.web.port= 8080

ui.display.enabled = true
ui.display.type = “waveshare_2”
ui.display.color = “black”

For simplicity, i’;ve removed the whitelist part, in another scenario i have also filled this in.

check the logs and the below happened.

[2021-08-15 10:12:17,217] [INFO] grid plugin loaded.
[2021-08-15 10:12:17,221] [INFO] Session-stats plugin loaded.
[2021-08-15 10:12:17,350] [WARNING] ui.fps is 0, the display will only update for major changes
[2021-08-15 10:12:17,352] [INFO] initializing waveshare v2 display
[2021-08-15 10:16:28,598] [INFO] [led] plugin loaded for /sys/class/leds/led0/brightness
[2021-08-15 10:16:28,602] [INFO] [update] plugin loaded.
[2021-08-15 10:16:28,607] [INFO] Session-stats plugin loaded.
[2021-08-15 10:16:28,610] [INFO] grid plugin loaded.
[2021-08-15 10:16:28,764] [WARNING] ui.fps is 0, the display will only update for major changes
[2021-08-15 10:16:28,766] [INFO] initializing waveshare v1 display in monochromatic mode

i have also playyed with the waveshare settings. waveshare_2, waveshare213d and the other one.(forgot what the exact thing is)

i’ve rebooted multiple times, set it to auto and stuff but agian nothing happens.

check the service and it looks fine

pwnagotchi.service - pwnagotchi Deep Reinforcement Learning instrumenting bett
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/pwnagotchi.service; enabled; vendor prese
Active: active (running) since Sun 2021-08-15 10:16:22 BST; 11s ago
Main PID: 704 (bash)
CGroup: /system.slice/pwnagotchi.service
├─704 bash /usr/bin/pwnagotchi-launcher
└─708 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/local/bin/pwnagotchi --manual

[2021-08-15 10:40:42,327] [INFO] [update] plugin loaded.
[2021-08-15 10:40:42,345] [INFO] Session-stats plugin loaded.
[2021-08-15 10:40:42,346] [INFO] grid plugin loaded.
[2021-08-15 10:40:42,329] [INFO] [led] plugin loaded for /sys/class/leds/led0/brightness
[2021-08-15 10:40:42,499] [WARNING] ui.fps is 0, the display will only update for major changes
[2021-08-15 10:40:42,502] [INFO] initializing waveshare v2 display

Replicated the steps on a new MicroSD card and it works fine now.
How i wish i had done this sooner… lol