Pwnagotchi 3G module

Hi, I’m thinking to add a 3G module to my pwnagotchi and configure a Always on VPN with a server where I’ll manage easly the pwnagochi with SSH and webgui. Does anyone Just tested 3G module for Raspberry Pi zero with builtin wireless antenna? Thank you

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are you looking for a specific hat or just a 3g usb dongle?

I’m thinking the better way to do this, for this reason I accept advice

are you using a rpi 0 w? wouldn’t something like this be the “ultimate” HAT for all that? GPS+RTC+GPRS

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Thank you luclu7 this Is perfect I only to check if its possibile to add this module also the display

Well I don’t think you can just put it, you’ll need to modify it :confused:

Probably i Need something like this

Long Header: If you plan to attach another Raspberry Pi HAT or add-on board on top of the Base Shield, you will definitely need this variation. Also, using GPIOs with jumper cables is possible with these male headers.

I don’t this it’s possible to desolder the short headers to install long ones, sadly. You’ll need a bit more wiring.

Thank you for all info