Pwnagotchi 5GHz with case

Wanted to share my new design with the community.

These neodymium magnets go in the case which allow you to mount it to metal surfaces.

I took out the default 1000mAh Battery and replaced it with another 5500mAh one I had from an old cell phone case. You can pretty much use any 3.7v battery and just solder the replacement.

Here are the commands to run to enable the new wireless adapter.

sudo su
echo ‘auto mon1’ >> /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan1-cfg
echo ‘iface mon1 inet manual’ >> /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan1-cfg
echo ‘pre-up iw wlan1 interface add mon1 type monitor’ >> /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan1-cfg
echo ‘wireless-mode monitor’ >> /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan1-cfg
sed -i ‘s/mon0/mon1/g’ /usr/bin/bettercap-launcher


Hi! Really good job here!
I’m looking to run my pwna on an external wifi adapter too, could you explain me a bit how to configure the new interface in monitor mode automatically and how to setup bettercap and stuff to use it? i’m lost :sweat_smile:
Command lines at the end of this post make my pwna freeze, I’m tried with different alfa mon/inject compatible adapters :weary: