Pwnagotchi distributed network

I love my little USB pet. But I am still willing it to do useful things instead of waiting to move and eat handshakes again.

My little friend could become an AP (Switcher plugin), run services (, run IPFS and create a bluetooth mesh ( |, and …

I am just writing that here to know if anyone wish to push pwnagotchi beyond so we share our animals and howtos

+1 for IPFS.
I use it regularly. IPFS Cluster and my own private network.

IDEA: we could look into a private IPFS Mesh network, for users who’d want to participate.

  • we’d need to look into what useful data (pwnagotchi releases?, plugins? wiki-pages?) we can publish so it’s always available to users

I’ve had it installed on two(2) of my pwnagotchis for a while now… and am running some tests to have one pwnagotchi (which is always connected to the net) use Yggdrasil & CKR/crypto-key-routing to route the traffic of an unconnected but local/in vicinity pwnagotchi out the web.

I think we are in the same networking mood.

Reminds me that comment about Yggdrasil on “”
I think you heard about cjdns too? What is your opinion?

How did you made your Pwnagotchi scanning and connected?

Actually I am concerned about running scutllebut with ipfs

@SunWuKung, I am actually using ipfs p2p layer to forward services in a swarm.
If we want to establish ipfs community, we need a kind of swarm.key distributor (cyphering with ipfs node id public key so only registered friends are sharing that key)