Pwnagotchi quickdic suggested wordlist

Hi, I would enable the quickdic plugin and improbe the wordlist with others wordlist. Which Is your favorite wordlist?

I grabbed a few from


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I always used these when using my WiFi Pineapple. Small enough for a weak device like these to use.


That’s a great list. I like that it’s trimmed down to only lengths that WPA supports. Going to switch out my list in the morning. Thanks.

Hi, I’m thinking to use this!MuJlQRaC!Rlfonl4x33JR96m0T5N5FZh5mR3-MOdjUXEDYaUGBsE that have all password contained to the dump

anybody can tell me how many passwords per seconds can the rpi0w try?

Chose one from:

depending on use-case

Aircrack-ng on Pi0w only does 5-20 k/s, so I’d recommend using quickdic with a very small wordlist so that only the most basic passwords are cracked locally. Onlinehashcrack and wpa-sec can handle the rest.

Personally, I use probable-v2-wpa-top4800.txt reduced to ~2000 entries: I’m not in the US, so I’ve removed all the US-specific names, places and references, and added some local ones. This works reasonably well.

Is there any Italian user? I’d like to use the quickdic plugin too but I can’t find any small sized dictionary with most common italian words used as password… has a nice way to make a dict out of wikipedia…

I wonder if there is any tool to make something similar for other languages

Yes, I did it already with the dutch wikipedia…

Check out this simple tool I made for fun: