Pwnagotchi stuck while driving

Hi I’ve recently made a pwnagotchi with rpi3 and using bt tether for screen. I’m having a problem that I’ve noticed when driving, the time isn’t updating, it’ll be stuck on say 13 minutes and the AP and CH fields will be stuck on whatever value they had at 13 minutes.
The faces still load but I can be in the city and it will be extremely bored and lonely and not pwning anything. Browser refresh doesn’t help, only reboot but it usually happens again after 10-15 minutes. I haven’t had this problem at home, can’t see anything unusual in the logtail either other than it wo t find anything.

Has anyone else had this issue?

EDIT: I use Ethernet at home, not tether so I have just tested using tether and it’s been running fine for over an hour, just doesn’t like the car rides. I have the web ui refresh rate set at 1fps

About the Time freeze, I have no Information, but car rides, even walking can be to fast for our little buggers. You enter and leave Wi-Fi ranges to fast, so that Handshakes are impossible to capture. It can’t even deauth clients, as they are out of range by the time he detects them.

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I think what I’m experiencing is nexmon blindness.

I’ve set it to restart after 5 epochs of blindness in the conf.toml and just bare it until there’s a permanent solution available.