PwnMAIL web client?

Now that the bt-tether plugin works great, Pwnagotchi became a freaking cryptopager! :smiley: It’d be nice to implement a minimal client for PwnMAIL that a user can just use from his phone or tablet.

Angular? Vue? omg i wanna die if i just think about writing html and js …


Yeah having a mobile app or even a website for pwnmail would be great, it would really help with the private messaging part

since it’s running on the hardware i’d say more a dedicated app than a centralized website … i’m pretty sure something can be done in html5 and javascript and then repurposed as electron desktop app, mobile app, etc

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oh I can create a react app for this!


that’d be great :smiley:

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It would also be nice to have a telegram bot that notifies you when messages arrive and maybe read them

Working on this in Flutter/Dart for a native/not-JavaScript client. Is there a better way to access the local API than making an SSH tunnel? Maybe a config option to make the :8666 API accessible from a paired Bluetooth device?

Make :8666 accessible, and use some configurable login credentials?

That’s how I’m doing it right now, but without the authentication. The app works on both iOS / Android, and has no external dependencies, so it should also work on MacOS / Linux / Windows too! It can send and receive messages already, just polishing it up a bit and I’ll have a git link up in a few hours.


As promised, the bare minimum working draft:


this would be realy nice!

i don’t want to use a not self compiled native app for this.
a browser/js/react/vue app would be perfect!

that’s so awesome!!! i’ll follow the developement :smiley:

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please update us whenever you add new features or fixes :smiley:

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well … Finally pushed a web interface for pwnmail!

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Aw man…just after I finish a very rudimentary proof of concept Android app (as in it’s only polling for the UI atm), I find this. Nice! I did want to flesh the app I have out into a full mobile client though, and would second the request for making the API interface a bit easier to access. I currently have Zerotier installed on mine so that whenever it has an active internet connection I can remote connect from any device into it, not sure how beneficial that would be while using bt-tether though…but having easier mobile access to the API could be nice if need be I suppose…especially for the pwnmail.

In other words, Appagotchi looks interesting and I’m looking forward to figuring out how to take flutter code and install it on my phone to try it out…lol

if the API that’s currently bound to localhost:8666 would be exposed to, i’d need to add proper authentication ( JWT ) and security ( CORS, among other things ) … while, if we only rely on the web ui, we already have a multi platform client with enough security

Assuming no change in the pwnagotchi configuration, I was assuming I’d have to work some sort of SSH tunneling in the process to make it work, which wouldn’t require any change in the software (pwnagotchi) side and would provide the layer of security necessary I’d imagine.