Q: handshake pcap validation tools / aircrackonly plugin not working properly

pwnagotchi seems to capture a lot of pcap files that only contain EAPOL message 1 (as can be seen using Wireshark). WPA-SEC does not seem to like these. Are these pcaps in any way helpful for cracking?

As I am new to this, I would appreciate recommendations for tools / scripts that automate the validation of the pcap files. The result should be a folder only containing the pcaps that can actually be used to by WPA-SEC to crack a password.

I installed aircrack-ng and the aircrackonly plugin and enabled it and removed all old handshakes.

The gotchi collected a lot handshakes again, but although aircrackonly is running there are unsuitable pcaps: empty, or just containing message 1

The logfile shows that aircrack vetted roughly half the number of pcaps as are present in the handshakes folder. Is the plugin not working properly and missing half of the pcaps?

For the empty or message-1-only pcaps I have no logmessage from aircrackonly, possibly it is not called in these cases…

Somebody may propose any better solutions?