Question about backing up?

so im trying to make an attempt at backing up my pwnagotchi but for some reason im not exactly sure what i am supposed to put for the “HOSTNAME” section of the command “./scripts/ HOSTNAME” i understand you have to run it from the pc from the scripts folder but im slightly confused as to what hostname it is looking for ive tried [email protected] and the name i named it but no luck its prob something really easy that im overlooking but any help would be nice thanks

nvm im a moron for trying to run it on the wrong machine XD learning new things is fun!

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I guess the only other question I have now is since i have only restored the etc/pwnagotchi folder will the unit eventually report proper data to the pwngrid without having all the other folders restored or will my pwngrid number be forever frozen?(currently at 45 on pwngrid but new unit with restored files says 28) i guess only time will tell