Saying Hi from Germany | Looking for a place to make my pwnagotchi


i don’t know what so say… but i think this Project is awsome! I watched a YouTube video about it and immediatly wanted one. I already own a RPi 4 (4GB) on which i have my Pi-hole.

I am a 18 Years old Student from Germany, my english is not the best but i hope we all can understand eachother. I am currently in my 2nd Year of my 3 Year IT-Assistant Training and love Cute stuff and IT.

A pwnagotchi is in my Oppinnion the best thing i could use just for fun… but after being totally exited about it, i realized i have to Build it myself… its not that much of a Problem but i don’t have the Fitting tools for it…and i am Totally insecure and unskilled about soldering something.

Question can be asked (if its Possible here, its my first time on this kind of Platform) and if anyone here in Germany (Maybe the area around Duesseldorf) has the tools that i might use for soldering i would be Pretty grateful. Of course i will compensate you for letting me use your tools but its not worth it for me, to buy one since i dont have that much Money.

Just realized that this Post is getting pretty long… Sorry about that!


Hey there,

You can do three things:

  1. You can buy a Raspberry Pi with headers + screen from waveshare.
  2. You can just use the Raspberry Pi without screen
  3. Look for the local CCC club in your neighbourhood.

Hope that works?


1.Do i need pre-soldered GPIO headers?

2.Yeah i know but thats half as fun xD

  1. The local CCC is currently not Active as i read and the Next one is top far a way. Already tought about CCC…

Agree, no soldering required to get the physical stuff together, I just did it a few days ago… :slight_smile:
If you are located in Germany I can recommend: for the Waveshare 2.13 display as well as SD cards, powerbanks… is selling a Raspberry Pi Zero WH and e.g. an aryl case for 1,85 which works “nicely” with the display.

You just need the pre-soldered GPIO headers if you want to connect the display or the RTC without soldering.

I will buy an Additional GPIO header then and get someone to solder it from me in my Local area.

Will those parts be fine?

You can just order a raspberry pi 0 wh
It has the headers already soldered, much easier to use
also those screens are possibly going to be the waveshare v1, those wont be as good as if it was a waveshare v2 but it would still work