Slimagotchi - Process Improvement - Waveshare 2.13 V2

I have built over a dozen pwnagotchi at this point and have been using the slimagotchi mod from the beginning.

mod -

Credit to @Mastblast09 for their work on this.

The first time I did this mod…with desolder wick and all it took me about 30 mins. I now have this down to a 30 sec process and it requires no flux or desoldering braid.

Here is my process improvement:

  1. Here is the header you are looking to desolder (sorry about the focus)

  2. Put the soldering iron on the pin and the pad at the same time and watch for the solder to flow. Once its molten just push the leg off the pad to the right. Up and off the pad.

  1. Do this for all the legs. Just go down the line. Hold iron. Wait for molten solder. Push leg off the pad

  2. Once all legs are clear of the pads/board turn the waveshare side ways and place the iron on the side as shown.

  1. Once molten (with your hand) lift this side of the header up and off the board gently.

  1. Spin the board around and do the other side. The header will literally fall off at this point.

  1. Touch the iron to each pad to get the solder to flow back to a level state and make it look as nice as possible. I was running my iron justa bit too hot during this process.

Thats it!

Throw down some Kapton tape and you are ready for pin insertion and soldering of the RPi0w to the Waveshare.

Again this (to me) is just a process improvement to an already established procedure as stated in the beginning.

If anyone has any questions or needs any help. Feel free to reach out. Im building pwnagotchi every single day as of late.