UPS-Lite config.yml

I’m looking to see if anyone has documentation or example settings to get the UPS-lite plugin working so I can see the charge on the waveshare2 e-ink display. Details like what folder the plugin should be put in, and what should be added to the config.yml would be great. This is the last step in my setup and I’m having trouble finding anything related to how this should be setup.

Have you enabled I2C? Also maybe this in config.yml:

enabled: true

With the proper indentation, of course.

Yes, I had I2C enabled in raspi-config. I added those lines to /etc/pwnagotchi/config.yml with proper indents. Sadly, no indicator on the waveshare2 yet. I wonder if there are more configuration options that have to be defined in the config.yml aside from enabled: true

I confirmed that the is already installed in /usr/local/src/pwnagotchi/pwnagotchi/plugins/default so I’m not sure what else I should be doing.

SOLVED: when referencing the missing plugin in the config.yml file, the proper name for the plugin is not ups-lite, but ups_lite: so it’s an underscore, not a dash, and this is NOT located in the current version of the default.yml file.

→enabled: true

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Just in case you are not familiar with the config, add it under plugins,

  name: 'pwnagotchi'
    - 'mynet'
      enabled: true
      report: true
        - 'mynet'
      enabled: true

I was surprised also to notice that this is missing from the default.yml as it seems to be one of the most popular plugins